DensityDesign is a research lab in the design department of Politecnico di Milano.  The organization focuses on visually representing “complex social, organizational and urban phenomena” in a way that translates the research into a narrative or data collection that is more easily understood by theorists and laypeople alike.  The lab conducts research and representation projects for clients as well as conducts courses and workshops through Politecnico de Milano.  Their website contributes to the world of design research with various publications in books, journals, international conferences, and their blog.  The blog and conferences explore contemporary modes of data visualization including interactive exhibits and visually engaging diagramming strategies.  Specifically, the blog works to keep fellow design researchers up-to-date with the current progress of DensityDesign and the progress of other design researchers.

Sistema Design ItaliaDesign Research Mapping

The work done at DensityDesign is intended to raise questions about observed phenomena.  Visual interpretation of an urban society is a tool that is of great use to architects and landscape architects.  The diagrams and interactive exhibits produced by DensityDesign provide the design world with examples of how to better explain to clients the complex systems that may be at work in a single site.  I feel that DensityDesign is one organization that is leading the design world in a systems approach to design research.

Map of the FutureWired Italia

Data collection and research done in a purely analytical format does not always effectively present the issues that educated the decisions made within a design; therefore, design professionals including architects and landscape architects can expand upon the work done by DenistyDesign to include not only social systems but also ecological, economical, and political systems, to better understand their interdependency.


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